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Anxiety Therapy

Do you catch yourself holding your breath a lot? Do you find it tough to just chill out and stop worrying? Do you feel jumpy or easily startled, like you're always on high alert? Do you have a tough time trusting people or feeling safe, even when there's no danger? Are your worries making it hard for you to do things you used to enjoy? Do you sometimes feel really scared for no clear reason?

We Can Help

If you are seeking support with anxiety from a qualified psychotherapist you have come to the right place. Working with anxiety is our specialty. Anxiety is a shared human experience, and we get how disruptive it can feel. We believe that self-acceptance and self-compassion are the ingredients for healing and thriving. We also understand that each one of us needs the right tools and strategies to achieve these things. Your therapist can provide a safe place where you can talk about your anxiety without feeling too overwhelmed. With support you can begin to understand your anxious feelings. You can also learn how to deal with anxiety in the future. You can listen to and trust yourself.


What is Possible?

Calm, space, clarity, relief.

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