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Trauma, PTSD & Trauma-Informed Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Many of us have had disturbing experiences that have changed the way we feel in the world. These traumatic events, whether big or small, can come in different forms, such as a single incident like an assault or accident, smaller things that bother us over time, or events from our early years with caregivers or in relationships that shaped us. Complex trauma involves multiple events that have had a lasting impact.



You may be experiencing anxiety, depression, conflict or disconnection in your relationships. You may be hyper aware of possible danger, or fixating on worries or details. You may find yourself checking out, feeling numb, leaving yourself or losing time. You may have difficulty trusting others, or feel judged by them. You may be dealing with guilt and shame. You may be experiencing chest tightness, stomach aches, nausea or digestive issues. You may be flooded with panic attacks, flash backs or intrusive thoughts. You may have lost your connection to joy. You may be overwhelmed by fear, sadness or anger. And you may wish you could feel safe and comfortable.

Why Don't I Feel Safe?

Trauma is about your wounds and how you experience them. These injuries can be difficult to live with because they rewrite how our body and brain interprets information. It can feel like a mine field of triggers. It can feel unsafe to feel things. You can lose trust in your own system, and think that who you are is somehow wrong.​


Healing on your own can be tough because you think you have to be different than who you are. You may even think you have to be a perfect version of yourself. But this perfect you doesn't exist so you get stuck.


How Can Therapy Help?

Therapy provides the safety to explore and heal. It validates why you are feeling the way you do. It allows you to show up for yourself and to understand that you are not wrong inside.


If you feel that something from your past is affecting your current life, trauma-focused therapy might be a good option for you. Our team offers in-person trauma therapy in Hamilton, and online sessions across Ontario.


What is Possible?

Peace, joy, and self-acceptance. ​

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