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Relationship Therapy

Do you feel that trust has been broken in your relationship, maybe because of cheating or some other kind of betrayal? Do you find yourself dealing with jealousy or insecurity in your friendships or romantic relationships? Is your family life causing stress or affecting your well-being? Are you concerned that you might be in a relationship that's co-dependent or just not healthy for you? Have you ever felt like someone is trying to manipulate your reality, making you doubt your own memories or perceptions, possibly through gaslighting?​ Have you gone through bullying or abuse in a relationship and are finding it hard to heal from the impact? Are the challenges in your relationships making you feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to make things better?

We Can Help

Relationship issues are our specialty. We take a secular approach, and can support you with family conflicts, friendships, boundaries, infidelity, gaslighting, power struggles, LGBTQIA2+, extended family issues, codependency, non-monogamy, polyamory, bullying, abuse and more. 


What is Possible?

Inner peace. Joy. A way forward.

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