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Splash of Water

Infidelity Therapy

You may be anxious, and fearful about your future. You may feel like the floor has come out from under you. It may even feel like a death has just occurred. You may be questioning your self-worth... feeling pressure from the opinions of others... or struggling with your own values.


Are you experiencing the aftermath of an infidelity? Are you wondering what is next for you? Every infidelity is different, and it does not alway signify the end of a relationship. While infidelity can be devastating, for some it can also be an opportunity for growth and transformation within a relationship. For others, it may be the final straw and it is time to discuss parting ways.


Do you know where you land? 

We Can Help

We understand the nuances of relationships. We take a compassionate (and secular) approach to support those who have been betrayed, and those who have done the betraying. Our qualified therapists can help you to find your own feet, and to establish a way forward. We use a variety of modern, evidence-based therapies such as Internal Family Systems (IFS parts work); Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); Somatic Therapy; Sensorimotor Therapy; EMDR and Emotionally Focussed Therapy (EFT). 

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