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Couples Therapist in Hamilton or Burlington

Couples Therapy / Couples Counselling

Couples+ Therapy

You may feel like there is a crack in your relationship. You may feel shocked and betrayed. You may feel like you can't talk to your partner. Or maybe your partner has stopped talking to you. You may feel unloved, unseen or unwanted. You may feel guilt and shame. You may feel devastated, overwhelmed, sad or even angry.


Why Don't I Feel Safe?

Ruptures can happen in a relationship. When this happens it may not feel safe anymore. You may feel like you can't trust your partner. You may even feel like you can't trust yourself.  


How Can Therapy Help?

You can feel seen and heard. You can learn to have difficult conversations without losing control. You can learn to ask for what you need. You can also learn to say what you won't accept. A mutual sense of acceptance can grow.​


Is This the Right Place for Us?

Are you looking for a couples therapist in Hamilton or a couples therapist in Burlington?

We offer in-person and online couples therapy.

We take a secular and progressive approach to relationship work. We offer a safe, validating space to explore whatever is best for you. We have therapists who specialize in couples work, LGBTQIA2+, communication issues, infidelity, betrayal trauma, family conflict, consensual non-monogamy, and separation/divorce.


What is Possible?

Inner peace. A way forward.

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