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Adults, Couples, Teens(16+)



Tues 3pm-9pm

Wed 9am-3pm

Thurs *online

Kelly Collins

Registered Psychotherapist
Certified Supervisor-Educator

PhD (Candidate), M.A., M.Div., B.A.
Advanced Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy

I am a Registered Psychotherapist specializing in relational, childhood, and health related trauma. I also enjoy working with those who wish to do self-exploration. Over the past 14 years I have worked with clients at the bedside in hospitals, hospice settings, and in private practice with clients and supervising therapists.


You may feel helpless, hopeless or unloveable because of things that have happened in your past. The people who should have loved and cared for you may not have, and this is now impacting your life and current relationships.


I use a warm and caring approach that is both trauma-informed and neuroscience-informed to support you to calm your nervous system, to move toward a more secure attachment in your relationships, and to find more joy in your life as you recognize and adjust patterns that have kept you feeling stuck.


I have my own history of trauma that I have worked through and I know firsthand how hard it is to be vulnerable with a stranger. I also know that it's worth it to take a risk and grow up your stuck child parts. This ultimately allows for healthier and happier relationships...instead of simply repeating the patterns that have kept you safe but inauthentic.

I work with individual adults and teens (16+) and couples. 


I completed my graduate studies at Guelph University, University of Waterloo and Martin Luther University, and undergraduate studies at McMaster University. I have also completed additional training in Marriage and Family Therapy. 


I believe that healing happens in a healthy relationship. I look forward to connecting with you!


Anxiety, Depression, Childhood Trauma, Complex Trauma (CPTSD), Attachment Trauma, Intergenerational Trauma, Self-Discovery, Grief & Loss, Health Issues, Major Life Changes, Sexuality and Gender, Couples Issues

Types of Therapy:

Psychodynamic, Narrative, Solution Focused, Family Systems, Parts Work, CBT, Spiritually-Integrated, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Existential, Humanistic

My Pronouns:


Beyond my Work:

When I'm not working, I've often got my nose stuck in a book. I also love to be creative and my latest discovery is rug making and creating puppets. I'm also a new grandmother who is just delighted in my granddaughter, my little Maddybug. I share Gracie, a white, deaf, gorgeous cat with my mom half time. I just get rid of the cat hair when it is time for her to come back.

More about me, and how I work...


Together we will tune into what is going on somatically in your body, explore the emotions that arise in you, and the thoughts that go along with them. We will work to increase your tolerance to discomfort in your body through a variety of neuro-informed approaches. We'll also explore attachment and the patterns you have used to keep yourself safe in relationship and work toward some healthy patterns where you can be totally yourself!

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