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Do you feel sad, down, or empty?

Do you feel numb or disconnected from the world around you?

Are you feeling guilty or blaming yourself?

Do you lack the motivation to do anything?

Have you lost interest or pleasure in the things you enjoy?

Are you feeling guilty, or blaming yourself?

We Can Help

Working with depression is our specialty. 

We can support you to understand your low feelings.

You can also learn how to recognize and deal with depressed feelings in the future.


Trauma & Depression

Depression can be brought on as a protective response when we feel overwhelmed.

It can also be the thing that comes on after big feelings or anxiety.

Sometimes joy can feel unsafe, and depression can feel safer.


According to Polyvagal theory, depression is a basic biological defence strategy.

For those with trauma, depression is often a protective response (even though it may not feel so great).

What is Possible with Therapy?

Get up. Do things again. Feel connected. Feel joy.

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