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- Trauma Therapy in Hamilton -

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, C-PTSD, Relational Trauma, Attachment Trauma, Complex Trauma, Phobias,


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is the preeminent treatment for trauma. It moves beyond talk therapy and works at the physical level to reorganize how memories and emotional systems in the brain are organized.

This in turn changes how your brain responds to distressing memories, bringing down the charge of emotions, and allowing you to feel safety and peace within your system.


Attachment Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR) is an expansion of EMDR designed to go deeper than the standard EMDR protocol getting directly to the root of the problem for effective healing of multiple experiences. This can be necessary to address deep or ongoing relational wounds and attachment deficits. It is also flexible based on the culture, gender, background and experiences of each client.


This approach is optimal for those who have experienced childhood neglect, early loss, physical or sexual abuse, traumatic attachment, birth and medical trauma, and other deeply painful experiences. 

*It is also suited to those who have tried the standard approach to EMDR and did not find it helpful.


AF-EMDR works with the whole person -- somatic, emotional, cultural, and spiritual dimensions -- as a means to healing. It is client-centred and prioritizes a compassionate, attuned connection between you and the therapist. It will help you to explore your feelings, past experiences, thoughts, and behaviours in a safe and caring way.

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Who better to explain Attachment Focused EMDR than Dr. Laurel Parnell?! She is the most experienced living EMDR clinician on the planet. Laurel was trained by Dr. Robin Shapiro who developed EMDR in the 80's. Over the past 33 years Laurel Parnell has expanded the model to treat the clients she worked with who presented with complex trauma and significant attachment issues -- such as severe childhood abuse and neglect. This adaptation of EMDR is creative, deeply compassionate and culturally flexible. 

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