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Adults 19-60

*booking new clients March 2024

Jenni Shea

Clinic Owner
Registered Psychotherapist

M.A. Counselling Psychology, B.Ed., B.A.(Hons)
Certified Complex Trauma Professional (CCTP II)

Welcome! I am a Registered Psychotherapist with specialized training in trauma and relationship issues. I also bring 16+ years of education expertise supporting others with learning and change. 

I support my clients to find safety in their system and to accept themselves. If you can learn to hold space for all of who you are, and how you cope, this is how you can begin to feel whole. 


My style is creative, kind and deeply caring. If you are ready to look inward, we can work together to address what is hurting you and get you living more comfortably in your own skin.


I work primarily with anxiety, perfectionism, infidelity, shame, difficult childhood experiences, boundaries, sexual abuse, non-monogamy, gaslighting abuse, people pleasing, numbing, and many other symptoms associated with trauma or struggle.

My clients come from all walks of life. Many are other therapists, "only-childs", entrepreneurs, spouses of entrepreneurs, and creative types who struggle in their relationships (or in being relatable). 


In our time together you can expect me to be actively engaged (not just listening), providing feedback, sharing my observations, and moving beyond talk therapy. My clinical approach is trauma--informed integrating IFS (parts work), AF-EMDR, Somatic and Sensorimotor therapies with a focus on self-acceptance. 

Many of the issues we talk about I understand through study and personal experience as a human, partner and parent in this world. I have also worked with my own parts, and live that inner relationship every day. 

In addition to my clinical work I also provide learning support to therapists who are new to learning IFS in the 4-month Stepping Stone Program and 4-Day Intensive Program (IFSCA).   

I completed my undergraduate studies at McMaster University and D’Youville University, and graduate studies at the University of Toronto and Yorkville University. My clinical practicum was completed in a trauma-focussed setting.


I have since continued to pursue advanced trainings in trauma such as Certified Complex Trauma Professional I & II with Janina Fisher, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Attachment Focused EMDR, and other integrated approaches such as Somatic, Polyvagal and Sensorimotor-based therapies as I explore new ways to understand and support my clients.

All of your parts are welcome in this work!

Read more about my training.


I provide support with trauma, coping, perfectionism, infidelity, gaslighting abuse, self-esteem, PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, flashbacks, numbing out or shutting down, self-harm, difficult childhood experiences, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, separation/divorce, intergenerational trauma, family problems or pressures, only child, consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, life transitions, big decisions, grief and loss.


Types of Therapy:

Internal Family Systems (IFS), AF-EMDR, Somatic IFS, Sensorimotor, Polyvagal, Gestalt, Existential Humanistic, Kink-aware, Sex-Positive


Beyond my Work:

Trees and ocean waves make me happy. I love music, and most of my social gatherings turn into dance parties. I am a creative person who can write and sew. I am also a lifelong sci-fi nerd and love BSG (if you know, you know). I am mesmerized by skateboard videos; and I am always up for a game of cards. My most cherished time however is spent with my spouse, child and two corgis.

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