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Jenni Shea - Clinical Training

Registered Psychotherapist
*authorized for independent practice
College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario #10854

M.A. Counselling Psychology
*with trauma-focussed practicum placement

B.Ed., Bachelor of Education
D'Youville University

B.A. (Hons), Bachelor of Arts
McMaster University


EMDR Training

-- Attachment Focused/AF-EMDR III *my next training August 2024

-- Attachment Focused/AF-EMDR I & II (Parnell Institute, California)

-- EMDR Resource Tapping (Laurel Parnell)

IFS Training

-- IFS Level One (IFS Institute)

-- IFS Stepping Stone Comprehensive - 4 months (Derek Scott, IFSCA)

-- IFS Advanced Weekend - Master IFS, Deepen your Core Practice (IFSCA)

-- IFS, Self-Led Helper - 2 Days (live with Dick Schwartz)

-- IFS Self-Led Grief, Navigating the Inevitable (IFSCA)

-- IFS, Anxiety, Depression & Shame (IFSCA)

-- Transcending Trauma: Treating Complex PTSD with IFS (Frank Anderson)

-- Informed IFS Trauma & Dissociation (Joanne Twombly, IFSCA)

-- Somatic IFS (Susan McConnell)

-- IFS Informed Practice with Groups (Dick Schwartz, Sue Richmond)

-- IFS Direct Access (Risa Adams, Elizabeth Parsons) 

-- IFS with Couples, IFIO Masterclass (Tony Herbine-Blank)

-- Attachment-Based IFS: Calling in Parent Guides (Sabrina Santa-Clara)

Complex Trauma Training

-- CCTP I & II, Complex Trauma Professional (Janina Fisher)

-- Advanced Master Program, Treating Trauma (NICABM)

-- Treating Trauma Master Series (NICABM)

-- Polyvagal Theory & ACT (Stephen Porges)

-- Working With Core Beliefs of 'Never Good Enough' (NICABM)

-- Practical Brain-Focused Strategies for Working With Depression (NICABM)

-- Work with the Part of Trauma That Patient Can't Verbalize (NICABM)

-- Strategies to Help Clients Tolerate Distress (NICABM)

-- Working with the Pain of Abandonment (NICABM)

-- Avoiding Avoidance: Applications of Mindfulness for Anxiety (NICABM)

-- Expert Strategies for Working with Anxiety (NICABM)


Other Training

-- Indigenous Cultural Awareness (Bob Joseph)

-- Indigenous Storytelling (McMaster University)

-- Introduction to Indigenous Studies (McMaster University)

-- TASC Suicide Prevention (LivingWorks)

-- LGBTQ2+ for Healthcare Professionals (Rainbow Health Ontario)

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