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Adults 18+

Mon, Wed, Thurs 3pm-9pm

*Thurs mornings in July

Lisa O'Donovan

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

- OPC Diploma of Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Therapy
- Certificate in Relational Trauma Repair Sociometrics 
- Complex Trauma Professional

Welcome! I work with a variety of issues and also specialize in complex trauma, relational trauma, attachment patterns, internalized unconscious patterns and self-exploration. I work with men and women (identifying) of all ages, however I have additional training to work with men who have experienced trauma.

Perhaps you feel unknown to yourself or others, or like you are not living the true version of yourself. Perhaps you feel stuck in repeating patterns that no longer serve you (and you may or may not understand them). I offer a calming, warm and gentle space where you can comfortably explore old patterns and current beliefs. Working together we can begin to reorganize your experiences so you can live as a whole person with an integrated sense of self. 

I bring significant life experience to this work -- I have 20 years of education expertise working in public and private settings with families and young children. And as a child of an alcoholic myself, I have done this work integrating past childhood experiences to better understand myself. I am also a mother and single parent of teenage girls. 

I completed the Ontario Counselling and Psychotherapy Program with a focus in Psychodynamic Therapy, and a special focus in ACoA Trauma Syndrome and men's trauma. I have since gone on to complete numerous other trauma trainings including the Relational Trauma Repair Psychometrics Brief Certificate. I am passionate about learning and continue to pursue training in modern trauma approaches that speak to the needs of my amazing clients.

If you feel ready, I can offer you a space where all of your parts are welcomed, witnessed and integrated so your true self can emerge. Therapy is an intimate journey and I feel honoured to witness and walk together with you on yours.


I look forward to connecting!


Anxiety, Depression, Childhood Trauma, Complex Trauma, C-PTSD/PTSD, Attachment Trauma, Intergenerational Trauma, Men's Therapy, Betrayal Trauma, Self-Exploration

Types of Therapy:

Trauma-Informed, Integrative, Psychodynamic, Strength & Resilience Based, Attachment-Based, Embodied Trauma Repair, Somatic - trauma focused, Parts Work Integration

My Pronouns:


Beyond my Work:

I believe in life long learning, whether that takes me inward or outward for personal growth, connection and development. I have been a writer of poetry since childhood for self care, and I have a deep appreciation and love for the arts, specifically music and theatre. I love being a mom to my two amazing daughters!

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