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Starting Therapy with Us

Welcome to Making Space Psychotherapy!

We are so glad you are here.

1) Match with a Qualified Therapist

Image by Andrew Neel

We are all Registered Psychotherapists with masters degrees and advanced training who specialize in trauma and relationships -- and we each have our own areas of focus, and ways of working. Most of us work a combination of day and evening shifts, and several of us also work weekends.


2) Consultation Call - 20 Minutes (free) with a Therapist

Smart Phone Call

We feel strongly about starting with a consultation call - and doing the call with the therapist you are actually considering working with. This gives you and the therapist a chance to see if this will be a good fit.

Before the call:

1) ensure you feel ready to pursue therapy (or ready to give it a shot)

2) check that you have coverage for a Registered Pscyhotherapist if you are submitting to insurance by reading the exact wording in your policy

3) have your calendar handy because the therapist will be booking sessions with you on that first call

During the consultation call:

The therapist will ask you to provide a brief, high-level description of what you would like to work on, and they will tell you how they work. If you decide to proceed with them the therapist will book your first few sessions with you on the call, discuss our policies, and tell you what to expect your first session.


How often do we book you?

We recommend weekly or biweekly visits, especially if you are processing trauma. It's usually obvious to you and to the therapist when you should be coming in less frequently. We support you to do whatever is best for your therapy.

3) Complete Intake Form Online

Laptop and Phone

You will receive an email from the clinic confirming your first appointments. There will be a link in the first appointment email asking you to complete an online intake form. We must have this completed no less than 48 hours before your first session. We cannot begin any treatment without this completed. If you have questions about it you can follow up with your therapist at any time about this.

We require a credit card or visa debit on file in case of a missed payment or missed session. You will be asked to enter it in your virtual intake form and we will not be able to see the number on our end. Our payment system is PCI DSS compliant and is connected to your client account and charts which are PIPEDA & PHIPA compliant.

4) Visit us In-Person or Online


If you are joining us in-person at our Hamilton or Burlington office please look for the doors that face the street. You may park for free around the building. Our clinics are both quiet, cozy and comfortable. The spaces have been designed to feel easy on your nervous system.


Hamilton Office: There is a sign on our front door facing the street. You will see a waiting area as soon as you walk in. There is a washroom down a few steps on the right as soon as you enter the front door. 

Burlington Office: When you enter please go up the stairs on your right to the second floor and look for our door #203. Walk in and you will find a waiting area. There is a washroom past our door, down the hall and around the corner from our office (it's close by).

*Please note that we are a scent-free environment.

(Our Burlington location has some perfumed scent in the common washroom for the whole floor of the building.)

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